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30 Year Mini Ice Age?

Since I've written so profusely on global warming - and because my lovely lady is a European, spoon fed the doctrine of environmentalism since birth and yet resistant to my rehabilitation efforts - I feel compelled to provide updates as scientists and politicians plug their ears and dig in their heels at the mounting evidence (mostly piling up just outside their windows) contradicting their beloved theory.

David Rose's article in Britain's Daily Mail (where "climate-gate" is coined "warmer-gate") reports that leading members of the global warming community are now admitting that the cooling trend which began during the last decade was only the beginning of a progressively cooler trend likely to continue for another 20-30 years! That's a total of 30-40 years of cooling.

Scientists are daily more able to explain why computer climate models have proven wrong 100% of the time, the Arctic (rather than two years from complete thaw) has expanded 26% in the last two years, and we are battling record cold even as we are supposedly on the brink of overheating. The article bears reading as much for the perspective it lends on "die-hard warming advocates" as for its evidence against global warming (man-made or otherwise).

UPDATE: I have belated become aware that the veracity of the underlying article for this post has been forcefully disputed. Such is the nature of real-time blogging that we must depend upon external reporting, and sometimes that reporting is inaccurate. Hopefully, the mockery of such media bias or cluelessness is the subject of a blog post. But, alas, sometimes we are taken in by such errors and opine on the basis of fallacies. For a refutation of the Daily Mail story, go here.

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Ohio is facing a warming trend this week, formerly known as the annual January thaw, but now the promise of something much bigger -- sure. Global warming is the joke of the season; you only have to mention the phrase and people start laughing. People in cold climates were really hoping for warming and will now gladly shoot the messenger for the false news.

Let's bring back freon refrigerators and the use of chlorofluorocarbons and see if we can';t reverse this cooling trend.

I've been on southern Florida for the past week, and the highs have been in the 50s. Last night the temperature fell into the mid-20s. You can guess what they're saying about global warming here.

The greater question is what advice do the sages have for the American People if this lie is used to change their way of life.

There's a certain tragicomic value in seeing and hearing the straw-man smackdowns of global warming every time there's a heavy snow or cold spell, or even a record low. Record low temperatures can and will still occur even within the context of continued global warming - of course.

In any case, to make a short-term prediction, I don't predict Mr. Paulette will post any correction to his post, or the error-ridden Daily Mail story that he linked to, but he should. The Daily Mail has done some minimal - but inadequate - edits and even FoxNews has noted their own erroneous reporting:

"Editor's note: An earlier version of this article erroneously reported that the NSIDC reports concluded that the warming of the Earth since 1900 is due to natural oceanic cycles."

The Daily Mail article is largely bunk. For starters:

"The most egregious case seems to have happened at the UK's Daily Mail, which ran an article in the Science and Technology section of its website entitled "The mini ice age starts here." In it, the author argues that we're due for decades of global cooling, driven by ocean currents that the article claims produced the last century's warming—not greenhouse gasses. These facts are ascribed to impeccable scientific sources: the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado, and Mojib Latif, a prominent climatologist based in Germany. A substantially similar story, with precisely the same attributions, later appeared on the Fox News site.

There was small problem here, though: Mojib Latif is still alive, and was easy to get a hold of. When contacted, he pointed out that large portions of the report were inaccurate. A prominent climate blogger contacted both Latif and the NSIDC; he quotes Latif as saying, "I don't know what to do. They just make these things up." Referring to "facts" attributed to it by the article, The NSIDC's director said, "This is completely false. NSIDC has never made such a statement and we were never contacted by anyone from the Daily Mail. We hope that this is simply a case of very lazy journalism and nothing more."


"Latif’s [the one that the Daily Mail referred to as being "among the most prominent of the scientists"] Nature study is consistent with the following statements:

* The “coming decade” (2010 to 2020) is poised to be the warmest on record, globally.
* The coming decade is poised to see faster temperature rise than any decade since the authors’ calculations began in 1960."

See here for a detailed takedown on the entire DailyMail piece:

So, perhaps the Daily Mail's site is best for the bikini pics on the right side - if warming continues, you'll be seeing more of them...

Your support for Arab terror is tragicomic.

Always the clever one, aren't ya Hal?

In any case, my prediction that Mr. Paulette will not bother to note the inaccuracies in his post (and the items he linked to) has thus far been sound.

Credit is due to Mr. Paulette for updating his post (apparently sometime after Jan. 19) with a link to a correction of the multiple errors therein. Better late than never.

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