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Three instances of conservatives saving Republicans and fellow conservatives from ludicrous arguments:

  • Matt Franck on Ted Olson's attempt to build a conservative case for same-sex marriage.  UPDATE:  I missed Ed Meese's op-ed on the Prop 8 trial in San Francisco.  UPDATE 2:  At the trial Ted Olson disgraces himself and reveals a lot of contemporary confusion at the same time.
  • Ross Douthat's sober defense of Brit Hume's charitable recommendation of Christianity to Tiger Woods.
  • Jonah Goldberg rebuking those who allege racism in Harry Reid's remarks about Obama's light skin color.  UPDATE 3:  Jan Crawford interview with Clarence Thomas from 2008 (h/t Patterico, my favorite left coast blogger).

The Reid episode seems the work of leftists within his own party.  He simply repeated what is common knowledge among American blacks:  That there have long been separate social institutions for lighter-skinned blacks.  Obama's Dreams from My Father grapples with such themes.

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Brit Hume's might have been the first "charitable recommendation" to Christianity yet given on FOX. As a Christian, it makes me sick to hear some of the things said on that network on behalf of my faith, and others -- and not just that network, by the way.

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