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DADT--Yeah, That's the Ticket

Okay, so Obama pledged to overturn the "don't ask, don't tell" policy and allow gays to serve openly in the military.  I am sure he sincerely believes in this, but I suspect he is making an issue of it now to throw a bone to the disappointed left.  With health care deform, card check, and cap and trade doomed, at the end of the year, or even at the end of the first term, lefties will be left saying, "You mean repealing DADT is all we got???!!!"

And I'm not sure they'll even get that.  I believe repealing DADT requires a vote of Congress.  Think all those Blue Dog Democrats from red-leaning districts want to cast this vote?  Pat Moynihan famously remarked that Clinton's promise to "end welfare as we know it" was "boob bait for Bubba."  There must be a gays-in-the-military equivalent phrase for Obama's rhetorical flourish, but I'm not sure I can post it on a PG blog.
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How about "gays gaze on the military"?

This is such a stupid idea - please, toy with something with which you have no experience and which drastically affects the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans so you can throw your liberal political allies a bone. Very magnanimous. The military agrees: the shoe fits. Are there gays currently serving in the military? Absolutely. Will eliminating don't-ask-don't-tell undermine the good morale and discipline of units across the board? Absolutely.

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