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A short distraction from today's election.  Of late, I have been reading an increasing number of people saying that America is sending too many people to college.  They neither want nor need to spend the years after age 18 in college, but do so because it's what the system tells them they have to do.  Meanwhile, an increasing number of students in college need remedial education because they're not learning what they ought to learn in high school.  Plus our schools of education are not producing quality teachers.  On top of that, education funding at all levels is being squeezed.  In particular, campuses are feeling the pinch.

Obvious solution: close some of the campuses in America and reduce the size of others.  Plus, change the law so that an advanced degree in a subject is sufficient qualification to teach that subject in high school.  And let the teachers who no longer have a place in higher education go to the high schools.  I see synergy.

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What are saying makes perfect sense. A high school degree used to mean a lot more than it does today, and a college degree is headed to the same fate. We need to recall the wisdom of Lincoln who emphasized that equality in rights does not mean or require equality in all respects. But also intelligent people are not always benefited by a college education, as the large number of smart but misdirected youth are testimony too.

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