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GE, Chevron, and other corporate giants who tout their greenieness in splashy ads get their comeuppance from this Veridian Dynamics spoof from ABC's Better Off Ted.   And if you like this one, check out their spoof commercial about diversity.  Both are evidence that even Hollywood sees through the pretentious nonsense of these PC crusades.

The show is obviously derivative of The Office, and is said to be on the verge of cancellation by the nitwork, I mean, network, which probably thinks we're all sitting around waiting for another cheap reality show.

UPDATE: And now, courtesy of Onion Radio, the news that the the EPA is "putting good single men on the Endangered Species List," and will relocate them to "Federal Man Preserves."  I'll look forward to Julie's comments on this one.
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Not planning any poaching raids any time soon . . . but I join in this conservation effort by creating a little nest of my own where I intend to raise at least one of these good single men. The real question is whether there will be any good single women in the year 2025 who are worthy of him.

Maybe 2027 or '28.

Oh, Ben . . . you're not fooling me. You won't let her go THAT soon! All to the good as far as I'm concerned. The boy should wait until he's past 30 anyway.

The tongue-in-cheek aspect of the postscript aside, this whole "good single men" thing is a ruse. It's been my experience (in my own life, and in the lives of my friends) that women want a take-charge guy in dating and mating, but once the dust settles (i.e., long-term marriage), the power struggle begins. The tendency I've noticed is that passive men are generally able to stay married, whereas the "pants-wearer" times eventually get dragged into divorce court. This happened to John Wayne three times, if I recall correctly.

So, let's not hear anything about a "few good men." They are out there, but don't expect them to change as the caprice of females. Men are pretty stable after a certain age, in my experience.

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