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Many conservative commentators have noted that President Obama often blames Americas problems, at home and abroad, on President Bush, (often with some justice).  The irony is that at the start of his term he did not go as far as would have been politically wise.  A year ago, when he took office, he could have said, "Our economy is in very bad shape. It is quite likely that we will face 10% unemployment and slow growth for quite some time.  On top of that, the deficit has expanded greatly. It will take several years for us to fix things, and it will get much worse before it gets better . . ."

But Obama did not go that far, however much he blames on Bush.  Instead, he sold a huge stimulus bill by saying it would keep that from happening.  Hence he is currently taking some of the heat.

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Dave Barry's review of 2009 skewered Obama for his "blame Bush" mantra. Barry notes that Timothy Geithner did not comply with the Tax Code and that the Obama Administration defended Tim by pointing out that they inherited the tax code from Bush.

Enough already

The problem is that he's done nothing positive to influence the economy, and a whole lot that will prolong the misery. The Federal Government produces precious's parasitic in a very real sense. Expanding government during a deep recession, particularly in ways that are NOT directly linked to stimulating the private sector, can only deepen the crisis.

Ummmm......Obama sought the Presidency....He went after it....he "inherited" nothing.

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