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Obama's Same Game with a French Bath

Jonah Goldberg's latest great line:  "In fairness, the president took a French-bath of Clintonism before he took to his beloved TelePrompTer. He doused himself with the scent of the deficit-fighter and trade-promoter. He unveiled a slew of small, easy, applause-gathering proposals and populist appeals that he knows will go nowhere."  This is Goldberg's way of saying that there's no there there in Obama's promise of change, primarily because the one most incapable of change in Washington is Barack Obama!

Goldberg notes, too, the President's propensity to blame the inadequacies of others for his failures.  He blamed Bush (of course) and, with special relish, he blamed recalcitrant Republicans in Congress for their "partisanship" and general unwillingness to let him do whatever he wants. What about the mass of public opinion that is opposed to his policy proposals?  Is that completely meaningless?  To the extent that it got a mention, it was buried beneath the only part of the speech where Obama seemed to attempt to shoulder some blame for the failure of health-care.  That is, he claimed that he and his administration did not do enough to explain health-care!  What!?  We needed yet another speech?  One more would have done it?  Yup.  That's it.  We needed to hear some more from him . . .
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Actually, I think an even better line is, “…Instead, there was an innumerate, inaccurate and distinctly unpresidential whine -- blaming George W. Bush for nearly all of his problems (leaving out, among other things, THAT THE DEMOCRATS HAVE BEEN CONTROLLING CONGRESS AND CRAFTING BUDGETS SINCE 2006).” – my emphasis.
This needs to become the automatic response of every conservative who hears some liberal whining about “the failed policies of the last eight years” or the “mess” they “inherited.” Hopefully that will become the campaign mantra of all those running against these politicians who, like spoiled adolescents, made the mess, and now don’t want to clean it up.

I think it's time to give the "beloved Teleprompter" bit a rest. Have you heard about the drubbing that Obama gave the House Republicans (on their own turf at their "retreat" ['Retreat? From what? What have they been doing, other than whining?' - Ed.] in Baltimore, no less) yesterday??

FoxNews couldn't even bear to keep their cameras rolling to the bitter end.

Good thing for C-Span!

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