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Obama's Second Joe Wilson Moment

Ben Boychuk does a nice job both of examining the political event of Justice Alito's muttering "Not true," during the SOTU speech last night and of citing the truth behind Alito's comment--whether rightly uttered or not.  
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Wow, one single SCOTUS decision that NLT (or, at least one of its family members) applauds, with a Dem in the White House, and....poof!! Like magic, all of that rage directed at "judicial activists" and the Supreme Court generally:

seems to just disappear (along with all the obsequious reprimands to respect the president and his executive authority).

A great analysis here by Jon Perr:

If conservatives keep getting decisions they like, can Justice Stevens forego checking his creme brulee (assuming he even eats it) for rat poison??

The decision is not about activism, it is about considering what the Constitution says about free speech and wiping out the modernistic activism.

I also like it because it eliminates a lot of silly pretense. Corporations and unions were still having financial and other kinds of influence on elections. They just did that underhandedly.

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