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The Fierce Urgency of Eventually

The bitter video archive assembled by Talking Points Memo suggests that rapture is yielding to contempt. Two years ago Ezra Klein beheld Barack Obama, and saw that he offered "not the Word made flesh, but the triumph of word over flesh, over color, over despair."  Klein's assessment today?  "That candidate bears little relation to this president," because "Obama ran promising to change Washington. Instead, he's done more than any president in a generation to settle into its norms."  Jonathan Cohn was hopeful, too, yet writes an essay this week titled, "Where's The Obama I Voted For?"  The titles of two of Cohn's subsequent blog posts about health care reform - "Dead or Only Mostly Dead?" and then, "The Abyss" - suggests that he and other Democrats are going to have further reasons to wonder whether the Obama they voted for was a case of seeing what they wanted to see instead of what was there.  What was there was a young, inexperienced politician whose meager record of accomplishments provided no basis for the belief that he was up to the job he sought.
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Obama's White House plows/Plouffes ahead--David Plouffe in tomorrow's WaPo:

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