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They're Calling it Glacier-Gate

And the hits just keep on coming.

So, here's what happened: In 1999, a freelance writer in England was told over the phone by an Indian "glaciologist" that the Himalayan glaciers would be gone by 2035. The Englishman published the prediction in a magazine read by a environmentalist group which used it in a campaign ad. The UN's IPCC cut-and-pasted the campaign ad into its official global warming report (the basis for global warming alarmism for which it won a Nobel prize).

The claim was so ridiculous that it only took the global warming community 10 years to take notice - at which time, of course, the glaciologist (the single source for the unverified prediction) denied making the claim and admitted, if he did, it was mere conversation with no foundation in science or research. The IPCC chief, after mocking those who cast doubt on the glacier data, "was forced into a humiliating apology and admission."  

Climategate, Warmergate, Glaciergate... none of them decisively refute global warming, but each of them sweeps away purported evidence thereof and reveals the corrupt and political nature of the pro-warming community.

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Is this post on the global warming issue as error-riddled as your last?

Isn't the point that the scientific community (and by extension the reading public interested in science) is just as prone to rumor and misunderstanding as any humans are on any topic? The more "news" required to create jobs for all of the journalists of the world creates vast opportunity for error, hyperbole, misunderstandings. The prejudices of all of the parties involved in the transmission of information flavored the outcome. It is like gossip about scientific fact and leads to just as much foolishness.

"The more "news" required to create jobs for all of the journalists of the world creates vast opportunity for error, hyperbole, misunderstandings."

Interesting that you say that, Kate, given a couple of trends that NLT has been eager to highlight over the last few years:

- Mainstream, liberally-biased and liberally-dominated media is imploding. More and more newspaper and magazine businesses are closing down.

- Americans overwhelmingly choose real, honest, middle-of-the-road, fact-based, "We report, you decide" journalism (say, FoxNews) over the various Commie outlets (CNN, MSNBC, ComedyCentral, etc.).

Craig is so right--this kind of thing is just more right wing noise, and the correct message will break through eventually. To speak to the specifics of this case, I happen to know that Lucy Ramirez is just about the finest Indian glaciologist in the business, and I'm sure whatever she initially said was perfectly accurate even it was fake.

It's a case of repeating something over and over until it becomes fact to those that believe their theory or lie.

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