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Time for a Populist Pivot?

Some commentators are saying that President Obama will "double-down."  He'll now follow the FDR strategy of bashing economic royalists, and use that to push even harder for the further nationalization of health care. Banks are not popular now, and neither are insurance companies.  Hence he has room to run, focusing on what needs changing, instead of what's in the bill.

That being the case, the opposition probably should follow suit. To block the "the other side wants the status quo" argument, it's time to push for a very simple bill: tort reform, opening the interstate market, a pre-existing conditions fix, and a portability law.  Perhaps those aren't exactly the ideas to push, but you get the general idea.  It's time to start talking about a genuine bipartisan reform, rather than a transformation and takeover.

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I agree with tort reforms and elimination of restrictions on interstate sales of insurance. But it is crazy to legislate that insurance companies must insure people regardless of their preexisting conditions. That goes contrary to the whole theory of insurance.

Better to cause those with catastrophic conditions to simply be eligible for extraordinary state aid.

That's why I said a "fix" for the problem.

It was certainly possible in FDR's time for Democrats to play the populist card, but those days are long gone. "The people" back then meant union labor and small farmers, but there are very few of either anymore. Today "the people" may want some kind of health care reform, but they also oppose gay marriage, immigration, and affirmative action.

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