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Weekend Update

So I'm passing a few days at the beach out on the Left Coast, thawing out from all the global warming in the east right now, attending a couple of conferences and this and that.  Time for some updates.

A few days ago I made the out-on-a-limb prediction that Dick Blumenthal would lose the Connecticut Senate race this fall, but right now you'd be advised to take the other side of that wager.  A new set of polls all have Blumenthal crushing his prospective GOP opponents. Of course, six weeks ago, all the polls had Martha Coakley crushing Scott Brown.  More on this later.

Meanwhile, the latest bit of evidence of my thesis that environmentalism is headed the way of the Dodo bird, with their mainline organizations displaying all the intellectual vitality of the World Esperanto Association (which still exists--I've seen their forlorn tables at Earth Day fairs in California), comes from the Chronicle of Higher Education, where a guest columnist wonders what Nietzsche would make of environmentalism.  Money quote:

But environmentalism, like every other ism, has the potential for dogmatic zeal and obsession.  Do we really need one more humorless religion?  Let us save the planet, by all means.  But let's also admit to ourselves that we have a natural propensity toward guilt and indignation, and let that fact temper our fervor to more reasonable levels.

All I can say is, given today's environmentalists, good luck with that.  But if you've lost the Chronicle of Higher Education. . .

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