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Can We Run This Guy Somewhere?

Wow.  Some Brit dude named Nigel Farage delivers a beatdown to the incoming president of the EU, who is naturally another no-name Belgian.  I don't really know what the European Parliament does except provide an excuse for expense-paid gabfests in Strasbourg.  Expect Farage at next year's CPAC.
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Are you kidding? A congressman says "You lie!" to the president of the US, when the president lies, and there is no end of to-do about it. Even those of us who agree feel compelled to say, "Tut-tut! Musn't be rude."

That by Farage was fun, and I will be watching for him, hoping this is not the last time he gets to let fly that. Characters, (never mind character for the moment) are endangered or dangerous in modern politics. Even though I do not always agree with Charlie Rangel, for instance, I am sorry to hear about the charges of corruption against him, though censure as punishment, in his case and his district, may not mean much. ( ) Even what he is charged with sounds so routine: "The committee found that the financing of the Caribbean trips was improper for all the lawmakers involved but that only Rangel was aware that a corporation that routinely lobbied Congress picked up the tab...." Yeah, right. Despite his politics, I'll miss him. Maybe he can get a gig on TV as commenttor if he is not re-elected.

Curious about this guy? You can hear him today here.

Although, if he is being interviewed on this show I doubt conservatives would want him to run for anything other than his life what with all the dangerous conspiracies he is making up.


I just lost a 1/2 hour of my life watching this guy's clips on youtube. Time well-spent.

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