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Lay off Scott Brown, already!

So Massachusetts' newest senator has taken office, and has cast a procedural vote in favor of the $15 billion "jobs" bill backed by the administration and the Democrat leadership.  Now he's getting bashed as a "turncoat" for breaking ranks with the Republican leadership (along with four other GOP senators, including, needless to say, Ohio's own George Voinovich).  I say give the guy a break.  After all, he's a Republican from Massachusetts, a state with twice as many Democrats as Republicans.  Assuming he'd like to be reelected in 2012, he's going to have to show that he doesn't march in lockstep with the rest of his party.  Obviously the "jobs" bill is silly legislation, and it isn't going to create any jobs; it's predicated on the idea that a break on Social Security taxes is all it will take to make employers start hiring again (although, it must be said, it's hardly sillier than the notion that another cut in the marginal income tax rate will cause employers to do likewise).  But it's only $15 billion, which is chump change compared to the equally futile stimulus bill, not to mention the health care abomination.  So if Brown wants to use this as an opportunity to prove to Massachusetts voters that he's his own man, then I say let him.  As long as he opposes Obamacare, and cap and tax, I'm willing to forgive a great deal.

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Here here, John.

I'm fully on board with your assessment of Brown. It's manna from heaven that the GOP has a senator from Mass. - expecting him to be a CPAC conservative is silly. If he and the ladies from Maine are the forces who prevent Obamacare and other such monstrosities on the horizon, bless their quasi-conservative hearts. Even if they vote with us 50% of the time, the a 50% increase from the votes we would expect from Dems elected in those states.

Brown's not a red-state conservative, but he's the best we could possibly ask for from Mass. And if we want to keep him, 50% is all we might be able to ask from him.


I agree with you. This was a procedural vote and I think it unwise to assume he will do the bidding of some far right ideologues every single time. He does have a very blue constituency and needs to think about that. This is not that big a deal.

Best to you and Monica and the Gibbon!

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