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More Evidence That It's So Over for the Greens

What's more over than Mark Sanford's marriage or John Edwards' reputation?  The environmental movement, that's what.  In case you are sharing a cave with bin Laden and missed the Super Bowl, then you might have missed the Audi "Green Police" ad. It's getting a lot of attention today.  Is it mocking environmentalism?  Um. . . yeah.  Your moral authority is pretty thin when a major advertiser finds it safe to take this approach.  Think anyone would ever try something like this about the civil rights movement?  Or the feminist movement? 

Tip for Republicans: Whatever you do in the way of a Contract with America this fall, I'm guessing a winner will be a repeal of the forthcoming ban on incandescent lightbulbs.  I know I'm running out of space stocking up on them for 2012 or whenever the ban goes into effect.
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I have a feeling that Audi felt they were justified in poking fun, in light of the fact that their advertised car was the recipient of some sort of green award. Since they are on the good guys' side, they get the "green-light."

That was great ad. The sense of it wasn't "We're the good guys" but that they know what they have to do to get along with government. We all do.

I always thought blonde jokes were the back-handed slap at women during the heyday of the the feminist movement. If a man wanted to say that women seemed silly to him, using "the blonde" was the way to sidestep feminist sensibilities. Even feminists were willing to make blonde jokes. Where was the solidarity in that?

In the same way, Polish jokes were the only legitimate ethnic humor during an era of civil rights sensitivity.

Environmentalism is just not the same thing. Anyway, the ad is not really joking about environmentalism, but at the growing absurdity of government regulation. There's a book out that I read about wherein the author says that we are all probably guilty of breaking some law or regulation at any given moment, no matter what we do.

When does the ban on incandescent bulbs go into effect? I stocked up right away, but keep using the darn things. Yes, a repeal of that ban would be very popular.

I wish I could be as optimistic, Steve:

I mean, sure, frogmarching a guy out of a grocery store for choosing plastic over paper is over-the-top. But then again, the California Air Resources Board was briefly contemplating fines and jail time for people who didn't keep their tires properly inflated. A lot of this crazy stuff seems to come to light, gets exposed, goes into hiding, and comes back in some watered-down form later on.

I know it's probably an overreaction, but I think the Audi people were sort of half-serious and the ad left me cold.

Also: The ban on incandescent bulbs is scheduled to be phased in over two years, beginning in 2012.

I dunno, Ben. I think a time is coming soon where a politician, even perhaps in California, will make great populist progress with an open claim to want to run over environmentalists. If nothing else, the royalties from oil and gas exploration on federal lands, measured at over $1 trillion, will be a piece in the fiscal reform puzzle.

I hope you're right, Steve. As for Audi, as I mentioned on Facebook, I probably would have felt better about the ad if they had more Betty White and Abe Vigoda.

Dream GOP voter: "I lost my house after I was bankrupted by my medical bills when I had a sudden illness. If I ever get a house again, I don't want the government requiring me to buy light bulbs that save energy and money, so the Republicans have my vote for taking on this crucial issue!"

Dream Democrat voter: "I don't care if I get blowed up by a Arab terrorist as long as my welfare check comes!"

Okay, let's see--focus on preventing a catastrophe that might happen to at most 5% of the population (and probably a 5% that already votes Democrat)?

Or focus on a minor annoyance that affects Democrats, Republicans, and Independents?

This is why Democrats usually lose elections.

Huh??? What was THAT about?

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