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Why global warming is bad

It apparently causes acne, melanoma, kidney stones, and asthma; it confuses birds, threatens Buddhist temples, robs Italy of pasta, causes giant squid to migrate, affects the sex life of crocodiles, pushes poor women into prostitution; brings infestations of spiders, toads, vampire moths (but apparently no locusts--yet); extinctions of bats, turtles, pandas, koalas, orangutans; UFO sightings, and much, much more!

NOW HOW MUCH WOULD YOU PAY?  Don't answer yet....

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It also causes gullible people to go spend $35,000 on a Toyota Prisis. Just think, the value of these cars is on down spin since the people who created the GloBull Warming Hoax (with the exception of Al Gored - it must suck to be him) have admitted that they created the GloBull Warming Hoax. The Toyota Prisis was the Mascot of the Globull Warming Religion. All these people got for their money was a pregnant skateboard with a $3,500 battery in it. It must suck to be them.

You are my favorite, cowgirl.

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