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Another Level of Weakness and Opportunism

So the House vote is going pretty much as I figured.  The moderates are folding to their party leadership.  But I didn't think that Stupak would sell himself so cheap.  Just goes to show that when it comes to our current politics, you can't be too cynical about or contemptuous of those politicians who get the label of"moderate" (or even worse, pro-life Democrat).


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And now the countdown begins. The Democrats are banking on the forgetfulness of the stupid American people. Will they even remember this in 6 months, which some think of as an eternity? They know they'll lose a few seats, but it's worth it to accelerate the socialist agenda.

The Right clearly can't play defense any longer. We can't "preserve" what's already lost. We need a second American revolution, one that reasserts the rights of the people to live free of government coercion. We need zeal and the will to take matters into our own hands.

Over the last 140 years, we have gradually been enslaved by our own government, usually in the name of caring for the less fortunate. What is needed is a tax revolt, and right now (not later).

A point I haven't heard discussed: As a result of the enactment of healthcare reform, a large number of taxpayers (entrepreneurs, small business owners, self-employed) will DECIDE to earn less. The CBO "scoring" of the bill almost surely didn't take that into account when projecting the revenue side of the "deficit-reduction" calculation. Wealth creators are angry and are going to do everything in their power to keep their income away from.....oh, say Rep. Alcee "We make the rules up as we go along" Hastings. It's just one form of the tax revolt called for by Redwald.

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