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Et tu, ACLU

Barack Obama loses the ACLU - in a full-page ad in the NYTimes. Neverminding the silliness of the ACLU's persistent objections that military tribunals are unconstitutional, the ACLU's real value is as an indicator of hyper-liberal mood and temperament. The natives are getting restless, Mr. President.

ACLU Ad Obama and Bush on Terror Trials

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I find very few things to admire or respect about Obama.

Having the ACLU upset by something encourages me.

Then the point of what they are saying is that you should say the same thing about the previous president. I like this add. I have no problem with what they are doing with the tribunals either. They are probably wrong, but something needs to be done to keep this form of justice away from American citizens. If the tribunals are for enemy combatants and DHS says our greatest threat is from our own citizens then who are the enemy combatants going be?

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