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No, I'm not referring to Biden's blundering use of THAT "f" word today--which only goes to prove that there must be something about being "Vice President" that tends to make some guys take it literally when it comes to the "vice" of swearing--especially near a live mike.  So now it's a bipartisan sport.  Time for some of our trolls to let it go, I guess.

I refer, instead, to Biden's use of this "f" word in this sentence during his remarks at the signing ceremony this morning:  "History is made when a leader steps up, stays true to his values, and charts a fundamentally different course for the country." (Emphasis mine).

It is revealing, no?

Let me also question the opening chant of the assembled Democrats which included another "f" word:  " Fired up!  Ready to go!  Fired up!  Ready to go!"

Really?  Back in my cheerleading days, we used to do a chant like that . . . but then, we were in high school and our objective was to crush our opponents on the basketball court or football field--not to govern a nation.  I realize that this insane legislative process has been compared to "March Madness" . . . but let me also suggest that this chanting by the Dems is stretching just a bit too far to match the metaphor.   
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"History is made when a leader steps up, stays true to his values, and charts a fundamentally different course for the country." - George Bush and preemption, anyone?

You were a cheerleader? :-)

But do you think there was a fundamentally different course charted by Bush with preemption, Kate? However much of Bush's wisdom in carrying out that policy can be questioned, I don't think it was something entirely new in American history . . . though you are right in pointing out that his opponents (including Biden) argued that it was. No, he didn't get accolades from them for his efforts, did he? That's the trouble with arguing on behalf of mere "values" and "leadership." It boils down to cheerleading for your team, crushing your opponents in Congress, and chanting like kids at a pep rally as if this were all mere sport.

Yes, Don . . . and varsity squad captain to boot. I've always had a loud mouth.

I think the modern world, where our distance from the somewhat crazy rest of it that used to be protection is not protection anymore, may force preemption on us. However, I think it came to us through Bush. Yes, Biden and others denounced it. The Left hollers about it as a criminal act. Yet, if Obama "knew" Iran was a threat to us in the same and did nothing -- waited to let them hit us -- would any American really thank him for his restraint?

Yes, this business of the health care package passing does seem like a pep rally for the Obama Team.

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