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I understand that there have been some real threats, to politicians of both parties, and all of us agree that such threats of violence are completely uncalled for and out of bounds, but complaints that Sarah Palin is inciting violence by highlighting target elections it beyond parody.   It reminds me of  George Carlin's classic baseball v football routine.
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If I had just pushed through huge, society-altering legislation that most Americans oppose, I'd try to change the subject, too.

For once I agree with John -- the accusation of violence is an attempt by the Left to replace disgust with fear. It's a simple distraction.

Unfortunately, what we are seeing is a classic setup for terrorism. When people feel exploited and ignored, they tend to act out (we are talking a tiny minority of people here, of course). If the November elections do not correct the current political imbalance, I think we can expect some violence in 2011. And Sarah or Glenn or Rush won't have to encourage it.

It is called for, if Americans won't fight for what they believe in at home what is the point of the foriegn wars outside good old fashioned imperialism. With that said, to all the nuts out there violence is what they want and you need to rise above that and fight through your local and state elections not give the government poster children they can exploit to take even more of our liberty. The bad thing is that if the nuts don't come out they will just set people up and create the monsters they need for their press clippings so be prepared to try to see through it.

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