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So Obama reversed another campaign position today (I've lost count now of how many this is), this time on offshore oil drilling.  The left is having a predictable fit.  Obama took "stupid pills" this morning says one dismayed liberal.

Get used to it.  This is only the beginning.  With government royalties from offshore and onshore drilling and mining potentially north of $1 trillion, a moment is coming where liberals will see that pot of potential money, and have to decide whether to side with their environmentalist friends, or pay for their expanded welfare state.  I bet on the welfare state winning.

A few liberals may have taken early notice of this.  In a curious article today on the Puffington Host, a liberal economist takes aim at our "entitlement mentality" as a factor making difficult the achievement of a green "limits to growth" mentality.  This civil war on the left is going to be fun to watch.

I think what we should do now is call for oil drilling at Guantanamo.  
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Or maybe someone in his administration has read Christopher Booker's "The Real Global Warming Disaster" and has given him the head's up -- the whole enterprise is going down the drain.

If half of Booker's book is true and becomes widely known, the hoax is over. I encourage all to read it -- what an eye-opener!

Well you can't really be an Arab without wanting to drill for oil sooner or later.

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