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Every bill has unintended consequences.  That does not mean one can't predict what that are likely to be, if one pays attention.  People don't like being told what to do, and will, if possible try to find ways to avoid laws. 

In the case of the increasing concentration of health care regulation and payment by the federal government, the predictable consequences is the likely increase of medical tourism.  The more the U.S. market is squeezed, the more incentive there will be for quality doctors to offer their services abroad, and let Americans who can pay come to them.  One interesting, and related, question, is whether would cover the costs. On one hand, it would probably be less expensive for each procedure. On the other hand, part of the reason why that would be the case is that doctors would be less well regulated.

On the other side, would a U.S. citizen be allowed to buy a basic, high-deductable, catastrophic-care policy from a foreign company?  Would that qualify as meeting the insurance mandate, assuming the Courts don't have the guts to strike it down.

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