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Re: Trust Government?

In light of Ken's country-government distinction below, Rasmussen has some revelations about America's view of the latter:

10% of voters say Congress is doing a good job, whereas 71% say it is doing a poor job (the highest result in Rasmussen polling history).

63% said it would be better for the country if most incumbents in Congress were defeated, while only 27% said their representative was the best person for the job.

9% believe most members of Congress are genuinely interested in helping people, and, most disturbingly, only 21% believe that the federal government enjoys the consent of the governed.

Take-away #1: The Democrats are doomed.

Take-away #2: The Republicans are simply a little less doomed.

On the one hand, Americans expect a bit more from their government (in terms of statesmanship and decency, not entitlements and welfare) than citizens of most other nations. We are, at core, an optimistic and idealistic people. Thus, we are liable to judge human nature in governance somewhat harshly. Pope John Paul II went to confession every day - not because he was particularly sinful, but because he demanded so much of himself (making him all the more aware of his every failing). It is a good thing that we demand much of our government and grade her strictly.

Then again, such dismal confidence has tended historically to result in apathy and revolution. We are not so politically unstable as to easily succumb to such social distress - but the polls don't have much farther to go before the ruling class is entirely devoid of meaningful public confidence. The Tea Party Movement, regardless of one's partisan perspective, may be the gentle, incremental version of an American revolutionary coup.

Today it is the Democrats' immediate problem, but it will be fully inherited by Republicans should they prevail in November. One hopes they have a plan. 

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I trust you meant apathy OR revolution, as there exists an infinity of more sensible actions to be taken in between those extremes. Our job, I include you in this project, is to rouse them from their slumbers, educate them on their constitutional options, the chief of which is to simply vote, encourage them in whatever action they take, then get the hell out of the way. This is still a great country, populated with a great people. In the long run, I trust'em. Not the government, the people.

Ken, Thanks for the plug...again.

Quite discerning of you - the last edit in my post was to change "or" to "and" between apathy and revolution. I thought that "or" suggested that only those two option existed, whereas "and" was more vague, allowing that they might happen together or may be mere options (potentially among many others). I see that the vagueness was perhaps too successful.

All of that aside, I agree with your both your prescription for (revolution-tempting) apathy and your confidence in our country and people.

Thanks for the note.

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