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The more opportunistic leftists libel Obamacare opponents as racists for wanting to limit federal government powers--and presumably justify states'-rights segregationists.  (Tell that to the sanctuary cities movement.)  We need to remind ourselves why the Founders made the bedrock principle of federalism, the equal representation of each State in the Senate, an unamendable part of the Constitution (Article V).  Consequently, thinly populated "red states" (with their guns and bibles) will always be with us.  (There are of course blue states with small populations, too.)  The federalist principle here is manifested most vividly in the electoral college--another institution the left would do away with.  The Sage of Mt.Airy has further thoughts on Federalist #51 and federalism's role in limited government.

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One "Blue State Patriot" directed me to the FirstThings blog for this piece on federalism:

While I'm sympathetic with his desire, I think his analysis flawed. Federalism secures liberty, and is fundmamentally conservative thereby, chiefly because it is easier, much easier, for you as a lone individual to keep your eye on, and hold accountable, the part that is constituent of the whole, rather than whole entire. The whole, in this case Washington DC, is far away and comprised mostly of people you don't know, and in any event are powerless to approve or remove.

Thanks for the plug.

we really need to repeal the 17th amendment.

Will any blogger here dare to touch the story of the Hutaree "Christian warriors" militia who were arrested recently? THEY certainly wanted "to limit federal government powers"! I would think that people plotting terrorist attacks against police and the United States government would interest Ashbrook bloggers. Some of those arrested were even in Sandusky, Ohio, not far at all from the Ashbrook Ctr.

Let's leave aside for a minutethe fact that these "Hutaree Christian Warriors" is a very small, very fringe, very cooky group of people that no one on the Right either defends, or really knows anyhting about. What I want to know is whether or not any of Holder's lawyers at the DOJ will be taking up their defense pro bono. Any thoughts on that Craig?

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