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Salt, a Deadly Weapon?

Drudge notes that New York wants to ban the use of salt in restaurant kitchens.  Here we have more evidence, as if it were needed, that socialized medicine and basic liberty are very hard to reconcile. When I am on the hook for your health care bills (and vice versa), I have an interest in what you eat, whether you exercise, whether you engage in risky sports, etc.

I am sure that when socialized medicine was first brought up in the U.S., people said that it would, ultimately, give the government the right to tell us what to eat. I am also certain, that supporters of socialized medicine said that was absurd.  We'll much of American health care is paid for by all of us, collectively, and it is already happening.

Once again, we see that unintended consequences are often predictable.

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If they do this, I'll start packing my own salt shakers on every trip to New York. Of course, nurse Bloomberg will probably try making concealed salt like a concealed gun. And there's no Constitutional protection for the right to keep and pour salt!

Ahhhh . . . but no man "worth his salt" could do anything but resist such monstrous legislation!

Presumably the Salt Shakers would get a religious exemption!

Of course . . . they are the "salt of the earth!" Must stop.

You can't bake bread without salt and have it come out right.

As usual these people are idiots.

Ahh. The problem of salt and batter!

Also ... ever taste cake frosting that had no salt in it? Awful.

This will probably face stiffer opposition than the trans-fat thing since there were potential substitutes. I know there are salt substitute products. What I don't know is whether they work in baking, or if they're politically correct.

After all, some lab rat may have died after eating the equivalent of a container ship of the stuff.

Salt substitutes do not work in baking nor in making emulsions, like mayonnaise. Their chemistry is wrong. I read about and experimented with salt substitutes when my father was having blood pressure and emphysema problems. Potassium chloride is the most common salt substitute and it tastes bad - metallic or bitter, depending on what it eaten with. Too much potassium is hard on your kidneys, anyway.

There is nothing like salt. This is like suggesting cooking without eggs or water. You might be able to do it, but you wouldn't want to. Besides, we need salt to live; this is like declaring carbon dioxide poison.

NY is crazy land, lately. Andrew Cuomo wants to be governor so he is investigating the incumbent, who is no prize and about things that were considered routine under Cuomo Sr. when he was governor.

This is a classic example of the irresistible impulse to regulate that is at the core of the progressive's heart. My brother-in-law, a 60's liberal from Ann Arbor, thinks I'm crazy thinking the progressives will keep pushing the envelope. Yet even he was amazed by this.

You people may laugh all you want, but health is a serious concern for those of us who are truly driven by compassion instead of hatred and greed. In case you sarcastic whiners didn't know, hypertension is the #1 killer of African-Americans, right after gun violence.(thanks a lot all you 2nd ammendment types; how can you sleep at night?)
Anyhow, more than 10,000 Americans die each day from stroke and high blood pressure, and you're cracking jokes. Unbelievable!

Sir, with all due respect I would rather die of high blood pressure than digest your moral lectures.

NYC Republicans! A sizable slice of the Nuyorican vote is now yours for the taking! Thank you, insane do-gooder Dems!

Mercutio, do 3,650,000 Americans die from stroke and high blood pressure each year? If that were even nearly true then this wisecracking might be unbelievable. Yet surely any individual can restrict his own salt intake as surely as anyone can resist murdering another person with a gun. Your comment implies that no African-American can control himself. I don't believe that.

At last! An issue to finally unite ALL New Yorkers (of whom I am one) against the Dems! Look at all the usual democrat voters: the Uptown ultra liberals – who like to frequent NYC’s hundreds of upscale bistros and high tone cafés – GONE, the liberal Jews – ever try to make meat Kosher without salt? – OUT, the Italian union leaders and their members – ever eat pasta that wasn’t boiled in salted water? – DONE, the Irish Catholics – St. Patrick’s Day is coming, imagine corned beef or boiled potatoes sans salt – HISTORY, not to mention all of the regular “Joes” and “Janes” of any ethnicity included in New York’s “Melting Pot”, who just happen to like salt on their eggs, or French fries, or grilled chicken breast. Aside from the fact that cooking without salt is IMPOSSIBLE, it is the responsibility of each person to make such dietary choices, PERIOD.
“…But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.” Get ready to be trampled, Dems, you’ve lost it!

Mechelle, fun comment. Happy NYC eating! I do miss it, especially Arthur Ave. in the Bronx.

"First, they came for the smokers..."

You people may laugh all you want, but health is a serious concern for those of us who are truly driven by compassion instead of hatred and greed.

Say, Gary, would you like some salt on those eggs?

Mercutio springs from the shadows, "HATE CRIME!"

You serve your purpose well, Mercutio. I would have never known that baking using salt or offering to pass the salt to my friend is actually genocide. Why, oh why, am I possessed with such hatred? Such delicious, well-preserved, and - at times - Biblical hatred.

Next time I use the term "salt of the earth," boy will that person be deserving of such condemnation.

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