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The "Gendercide" Tragedy of Gender Equality as Abortion Rights

Speaking before the UN Commission on the Status of Women yesterday, the Holy See's Archbishop Celestino Migliore assessed that the plight of women over the past 15 years "includes some light, but also many and disturbing shadows." While "cultural and social dynamics" are surely major factors in explaining the continuing realities of "female feticide, infanticide, and abandonment," Migliore also pointed to "principles, priorities and action policies in force in international organizations."

"Gender equality" - the "context" in which the UN and EU discuss women's issues - "is proving increasingly ideologically driven, ... delays the true advancement of women... [and] dissolve[s] every specificity and complementarity between men and women." This radical feminist ideology defines gender (as opposed to sex) as a social construct devoid of natural, genetic or inherent qualities (i.e., boys only act like boys because they're taught to do so - if left alone, men would be mentally and psychologically indistinguishable from girls). Such a misguided principle seeks not to celebrate womanhood or protect a unique female identity, but rather to duplicate masculinity among females in the name of equality.

The result of this fanaticism is the use of abortion access as the principal measure "of personal, social, economic and political rights." Because feminist leaders regard conservative thinking and Christian morality, rather than generational poverty and third-world oppression, as the greatest enemies to their vision of women's rights, their priority is to promote the most radical, divisive and anathema policies in order to offend, defeat and drive-out the competition.

The effect, of course, has been most devastating among vulnerable women. In last week's article, "The worldwide war on baby girls," The Economist relates the disparate impact of global abortion on women, determining that the result is nothing short of "gendercide." Though the natural gender ratio of births is about 103-106 boys for every 100 girls, in some provinces of China the ratio is 130-100, and among third children as high as 275-100. Similar male-heavy trends are scattered throughout Eastern Europe and Asia.

Rather than eradicating abortion as a plague upon female infants, the EU this week fined Poland for refusing to allow a woman to abort her child on the grounds that pregnancy "affected her eyesight" and censured a national Catholic newspaper for simply reporting on the matter. (The offending sentence read: "we are living in a world where a mother is granted an award for the fact that she very much wanted to kill her child, but was forbidden to do so.").

The co-mingled women's rights and abortion rights industries are the single most destructive and fatal forces affecting women today. In their blind radicalism, they devote themselves to the very causes of female gendercide in the name of female empowerment.

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What is it exactly that makes abortion more likely when the child is female? That's interesting.

In many parts of China (rural areas in particular) there has been a strong historical and cultural preference for sons. Especially if the family is abiding by the country's one-child family policy. Sons remain with their parents in adulthood. They may marry, of course, but they care and provide for their aging parents. Daughters marry and leave the home, and traditionally are not the ones who provide care and support for aging parents. If parents want someone to support them in older adulthood, then they will have a preference for at least one son. If the government tells them that they can only have one child, then some couples will terminate a pregnancy once an ultrasound shows a female baby. Or they may have a full-term pregnancy but then abandon the female child. It's one of the main reasons China has so many orphanages which are full of girls to be adopted internationally.

Of course, there may also be traditions of males carrying on the family line, right to inheritance, etc., that may factor in to these dynamics as well.

There are (at least) 2 problems with your description and mixing of the Economist article and the Polish court case regarding Alicja Tysiac.

First, this statement is nonsense:

"Rather than eradicating abortion as a plague upon female infants, the EU this week fined Poland..."

Looking at the Economist article that you linked to, one can clearly see in the graph that NO EU countries have a significant male-female gender imbalance. The only Eastern European countries that do are Belarus, Serbia, and Bosnia, none of which are EU member states. So, the EU has no power or jurisdiction in the handful of European countries where such a gender imbalance is even an issue. Poland is in the EU, of course, but doesn't have any serious gender imbalance, and certainly not because of gender-based abortions, legal or otherwise.

Secondly, the verdict that was announced "this week" came from the Katowice (Poland) Appeals Court, and was entirely separate from any EU-related case. It was a strictly Polish matter. This can be clearly determined here:

Further, the offending elements of the magazine article were not simply what you stated. The author also wrote "In consequence, Ms. Tysiac will receive 25,000 euro damages, plus the costs of proceedings, for not being able to kill her child." The article then went on to compare what Tysiac sought to do (and Tysiac herself) with Nazis, Hitler, etc. The woman was Mengele because she didn't want to lose her eyesight completely. I'm sure Jesus himself would have spoken similarly of the woman.

Not that I - or other liberals - necessarily agree with the court's decision, on free speech grounds:

The pregnancy DID affect Tysiac's vision - she now has only blurry vision to about 5 feet beyond her face. The previous EU case - which she won - was about the fact that she could not actually get an abortion that was legal even by Poland's own laws, which allow it only when the mother's life or health are at risk. So, in reality, abortions are technically legal in rare, exceptional cases, but when such cases occur, they can't be had.

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