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I've had these stored up for a while: 

  • At Post-Modern Conservative some thoughts by Peter Lawler on a recent conference on French Catholic thinkers in America.  Don't overlook the thread of comments.
  • The Sage of Mt. Airy discourses on the VAT, telling you Vat's VAT, and even brings Washington's Farewell Address (on just taxation) into it.
  • And, speaking of Pomos, Stanley Fish notes that the Marxist theoretician Juergen Habermas acknowledges the centrality of religion to completing the task of reason.  Habermas:  "Among the modern societies, only those that are able to introduce into the secular domain the essential contents of their religious traditions which point beyond the merely human realm will also be able to rescue the substance of the human."  Habermas engaged in a dialogue on these subjects with this currently controversial figure, who might be said to have forced Habermas to his knees.

The liberal state, Fish observes, recognizes only instrumental or secular reason.  But would an Aristotelian reason thus?  In reviving religion (surely not merely instrumentally), must we not revive Aristotle as well?  Hence back to the first item above, then on to the next.   

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