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Blaming Bush . . . Tea Party Style

Jonah Goldberg went to tea last week in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It is interesting to note what he didn't see there and that is racist rants directed at President Obama or his supporters.   But it is even more telling, perhaps, to note the target of a good bit of the anger that he did see . . . it wasn't all directed at Obama and the Democrats.  A great good bit of it was directed at . . . well, George W. Bush.   

This confounds the "expert" observers who like to suggest that Tea Partiers are simply partisan Republicans acting out against their recent defeats or, worse, that they are secret racists and haters drudging up "limited government" as cover for their agenda to undermine America's first black President. 

It also suggests that wishy-washy (or lazy) Republicans who think the Tea Party movement is a ready-made wave designed by the political gods for them to ride regardless of the quality of their preparation, training, and serious commitment to the idea of limited government may find themselves eating sand.  It no longer seems prudent policy to these Americans to hold back--even when calling out one of their own. 
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However, I wonder... where were they for the 8 years that Bush was President? It is a little confusing to see the protests now.. that started 3 months after President Obama took office and give them credibility for being against Bush policy too when they had 8 years to voice their opinions. They didn't protest then.. but 3 months after Obama became President.. they started protesting. Especially when they are protesting the deficit.. they seemed okay with GWB turning the Clinton surplus into a deficit - no protests then... but Obama is handed a deficit, the worst recession since then Great Depression and now they are mad? It doesn't make sense and seems completely opportunistic.

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