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Left-wing violence in New Orleans

While the Democrats and their pet media continue to fixate on the possibility of violence from Tea Partiers--you know how dangerous those stay-at-home moms and senior citizens are--a case of real political violence is going virtually unreported and uninvestigated.
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It might be better to think of it as the establishment denouncing those styled "Tea Partiers." Remember it was GW who denounced, and "denounced" might be too mild a term, those ordinary citizens who took up patrolling the Rio Bravo when it was made painfully clear that the federal government flat out refused as a matter of policy to gain control of our southern border. So what we had were often senior citizens, armed with nothing more than lawn chairs, optical lenses and cell phones, yet it was President G. W. Bush who denounced such like as "vigilantes."

The establishment does not cotton to their policy preferences being questioned, let alone challenged.

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