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What links Barack Obama and Clarence Thomas.  From James Chen, who served under Obama at Harvard Law Review and clerked for Justice Thomas:  "It's just weird; I think we ought to acknowledge that."  Chen maintains that "The defining trait for both would not be race, but religion. Chen said he does not know two more 'profoundly religious people' than Barack Obama, a Protestant, and Clarence Thomas, a Catholic."
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Obama a Protestant? When and where did he attend a Protestant Church? Is the author nuts? For twenty years Michelle and Barack Obama attended the Church of Reverend Wright. Wright has continuously proclaimed loud and clear that his Church and therefore Michelle and Barack's Church (they were married by the Reverend Wright) that Wright's church taught Black Liberation Theology - based on the teachings of James McKone. Black Liberation theology is an offshoot of Liberation Theology - a form of Marxist/Socialist Teachings from South America turned into a "religion" . Of course the author is writing in the NYT so there is not much expectation on facts or the truth.

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