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The Economist at its best: "The European map is outdated and illogical. Here's how it should look." (Do read the article's explanations.)


Among my favorites, for personal reasons: "The rest of Italy, from Rome downwards, would separate and join with Sicily to form a new country, officially called the Kingdom of Two Sicilies (but nicknamed Bordello). It could form a currency union with Greece, but nobody else."

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"So Belgium should swap places with the Czech Republic. The stolid, well-organised Czechs would get on splendidly with their new Dutch neighbours, and vice versa."


"In Britain’s place should come Poland, which has suffered quite enough in its location between Russia and Germany and deserves a chance to enjoy the bracing winds of the North Atlantic and the security of sea water between it and any potential invaders."

It´s worth reading!

Yes, the Economist can be quite funny when they aren't trying to crack jokes about America.

And this is extra funny because intentionally or not, it makes fun of the Economist's own technophilic-power-point penchant for graphs and maps.

My one (Marxist) objection is: how could they leave out Freedonia?!!

Amen Carl! I'd take Freedonia over Moldova or even Belgium. They also missed Grand Fenwick (from "The Mouse That Roared"), which is an atomic power!

Viva Vulgaria!

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