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Where Are They Getting All That Cash?

Despite being trounced by 10% in a generic congressional ballot poll, Democrats are still spanking Republicans at fund-raising! By nearly a 3-1 margin! And the GOP is celebrating this as a relative victory - last year by this time it was almost 5-1!

And, despite abysmal approval rating, Obama is raking in the dough!

Who's funding these guys? During a fiscal crises, after spending trillions of dollars on suspect projects and, due to record low approval ratings, looking forward to massive losses in the next election, the Dems are literally wading in contributions?

Do the Dems rock, or does the GOP just really, really suck?

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The Democratic Party is the party of the rich, and not just George Soros, either. Today, for my first example, via the Heritage Foundation's Morning Bell: Goldman Sachs gives a whole lot of money away.

But that is just today's hoopla. This site is cute: Open

Money is influence in politics. I don;t see how corporations have any choice but to try to buy political influence, spending where it will do the most good. That is, with those who have both the power and inclination to gain them advantage. Which party will do that? When Republicans did that many of us got angry. Yet, if they do not, where do they get the contributions to win elections?

But you know all that.

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