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Why I Like the Tea Partiers

I hate meetings and town halls, especially in the evening when I want to be grilling or baking and quaffing a good bottle of (still lightly taxed) California central coast wine and rough-housing with the kids, but God bless the Tea Partiers and others who show up to speak their mind as citizens to Congresscritters.  And I'd like to buy an expensive steak dinner for the do-ragged dude in this YouTube clip who totally schools an idiot Republican congressman (I'm in danger of repeating myself here) about the Constitution.  Notice this fellow's complete command of the text of Article I, Section I, and of the First Amendment, and the embarrassing ignorance of the Congressman, and the necessity to shut down the speaker at the end before the embarrassment turns into a complete rout.

Dude--whoever you are, I salute you.  I think we've just found the next Joe the Plumber.

UPDATE:  Michelle Malkin passes along the strong possibility that the dude I've offered dinner to is a nutty 9/11 Truther.  Oh dear; I hope not.  Could make for an awkward dinner.  On the other hand, it makes LoBiondo out to be even more pathetic and useless.

UPDATE 2:  I mean, maybe I should have known better.  If you really want to make a congresscritter squirm, ask them to discuss the meaning and boundaries of Article I, Section 8.  Right?
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I like what the guy did there, hardly shocking outcome. And, I see that the neocon police were quick to step in and do GOP damage control by branding this innocent man a dangerous conspiracy theorist in hopes that the mainliners would want to avoid spreading around the words of some foaming at the mouth lunitic. If people can't come to grips with those who believe the government is lying about 911, and that is decent amount of people; then the GOP is going to use this kill any real chance at moving the party line to something more liberty focussed. They will parade out some conspiracy theorists for every idea they don't like and people will tremble with fear. Regardless of you opinions on this issue, please don't let this happen.

Well, that was certainly interesting! Reminds me of the time you posted that British fellow's youtube vid where he had some (admittedly interesting) things to say about Islam, but then I had to point out to you that he also had some very critical things to say about Catholicism and conservative Christians.

In any case, it's always a good idea to see what ELSE a youtuber (that's a variety of couch potato, btw) might have posted. With this guy, in addition to his 9/11-truther vids, there's his series of lo-fi, white t-shirt home vids (Of course he's got his yellow "Don't tread on me" shirt, too - I wonder if he's got a Sic Semper Tyrannis shirt, a la McVeigh, too?), including the vid "Obama just got his private army" where he refers to the Ready Reserve Corps, which has actually been around for over 60 years (HCR actually just amends certain aspects of it - it has a $12 million budget - wow.), and then proceeds to tell people that it's time to arm themselves and waves and points his revolver at the camera. We also see why he might be wearing the doo-rag.

There's also "Revolution 2010" where he implores people to... vote independent. Maybe he's not TOTALLY crazy.

As for the vid you posted, he speaks as though the Founders coined the phrase "activist judges" - they didn't.

It doesn't bother me in the least, but I wonder what George Will - who's been much lauded here lately (incl. for his profound rant against denim) - would have to say about this fellow going to utter such important words in a t-shirt and.... JEANS!!! Not to mention the doo-rag itself. The youtuber could have at least donned a tri-cornered hat (and lined it with tinfoil).

He could have added "herein granted" too.

Update 2. That's the one. Much better than Art. I sec 1

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Okay, so a few days ago I flagged this spectacular YouYube video of a citizen taking down Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo of New Jersey for his obvious ignorance of the Constitution, along with the update from Michelle Malkin that the person... Read More

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