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Brave New Word Biology

A landmark in bio-engineering has been announced. U.S. scientists have developed the first living cell controlled entirely by synthetic DNA. In effect, they took a dead bug cell, stuffed it with synthetics and caused it to reproduce in accordance with the synthetic DNA. It isn't exactly bringing a stone to life, but it's the creation of possible new life.

Proponents hail the potential for medical and energy advancements, while critics fear, well, the annihilation of the human species. Hey, no guts, no glory.

The Vatican is cautiously positive, explaining that the breakthrough harbors potential benefits for humanity and knowledge of God's creation. Yet the Church warned against unethical uses divorced from human dignity.

We are catching a glimpse of the future.

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This new advancement in biology ought to be taken with extreme caution. There are many delicate issues involved. The temptation for abuse is always great.

"The flu vaccine you'll get next year could be developed by these processes," he added.
Thats right folks, step right up and be a human lab rat. the pharma companies might even give you $50 to get your infant vaccinated.
I think it should have read: the dangerous and untested flu vaccine that you should avoid, but will pushed by all media could be developed by these processes.

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