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Cooler Heads Should Prevail on the Question of Off-Shore Drilling

Mac Owens writes a brief, clear, and straight-to-the-point argument calling for reason to prevail in the debate over whether or not we should proceed with plans to allow off-shore drilling.  Without dismissing the tragedy of what happened in the Gulf of Mexico, Owens is able to see through the fog of emotion and give us three compelling points--including one previously noted here by our own Steve Hayward--for consideration.  In brief, the costs (in lives, toil, treasure and environmental risk) are too great to permit us to rush to a hasty and regrettable reaction.  We should, of course, do what we can to prevent future large scale disasters.  But the moment we imagine we can eliminate the risk of them from life is the moment we begin the deliberate creation of far greater disasters. 
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Sorry, you "Drill baby, drill!" conservatives have less than zero credibility on this issue. NEXT!!!!

Nice job of representing the "cooler heads" on the other side, Gilley. Thanks for making Mac's point even more clear.

Mac's point is invalid, and for any blogger here to call for cooler heads is simply a bad joke.

Yes, who are we to question the authority of Gilley?

Like any terrorist sympathizer Gilley wants to see more of our money going to buy oil from the Arabs

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