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Jonah Goldberg posts a very thoughtful (and thought-provoking) few paragraphs over at The Corner today on the unfortunate tendency--both of the right and of the left--to wait with bated breath, in the aftermath of an attempted or actual terror attack, to discover if the perpetrator was "their kind of terrorist"--by which I mean the kind of terrorist who will not cause negative attention to be directed toward their side of the political aisle.  While Goldberg is quick to point out that it is ridiculous to assume that anyone (at least anyone worth regard) from either side is actually gleeful upon receipt of such news, there is good reason for both sides to check this tendency to be relieved when it turns out to be less of a political nuisance and inconvenience to their side.  We all need to remember that all people who would do violence to our nation or to our people deserve our contempt--whatever their motivation--and all would-be terrorists demand our best efforts at curtailing theirs.  We would be making serious progress toward the goal of limiting terrorist activity of all varieties if and when both sides of our national political divide feel safe enough to trust the good faith of the other at least insofar as we are united in this purpose.
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There's at least one good reason to be relieved when the terrorist turns out to be a Muslim, and that is that no liberal will be able say that right wing propaganda somehow caused the white terrorist to commit the foul deed. The best response to such charges was the one Lincoln gave in the wake of John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry, which was that no Republican had anything to do with it. Remember that Democrats were so overwrought that they proposed a law to silence abolitionist propaganda, which they regarded as inherently incendiary. One hopes we are not headed in that direction, but it's possible.

This article is spot on, but should go further to conclude that terrorism only ever has/ ever will work as a false flag.

I think Goldberg is projecting, and for a great example of this tendency, one need only see Mr. Paulette's recent whining about NYC Mayor Bloomberg.

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