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Obey to Retire

Chairman of Appropriations, David Obey is to announce his retirement today, according to CNN.  This is a bit of a surprise, although maybe less of one when you consider the low Democratic turnout in yesterday's elections (OH, NC, IN).  GOP turnout was up across the board.
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Maybe this a good place for my report from our little Ohio precinct.

Despite the form required to change party affiliation, a remarkable number of voters changed from Democrat to Republican. This happened all day long and I can say it was remarkable because both sets of precinct judges remarked about it all day. Seriously. We are a village, where I serve, and with only 161 people voting in our precinct we had 26 shifts to R from D and one the other way. Many people who first declared as Republicans were not, yet did not take the time to fill out the form, but voted non-partisan ballots as they could shift to undeclared without trouble.

If the Democrats say they are not worrying then they are fools and I am happy about it. We had a number of old guys in ranting about being life-long Democrats, but having to change parties now because "you can hardly call this America anymore!" as one not-all-that-old guy put it.

That is perhaps the least of why the Democrats should worry, losing old guys in veterans' caps. I can't wait to see the age breakdown of voters in our state. Nearly all of the young men who were voting in our locale were voting as Republicans, as were many young women. As I said, we are a little precinct, but this was also remarkable and remarked upon as every young man who said he was voting for the first time and wondering what to do and how to do it was voting as Republican. That never happens.

I know, this is all anecdotal and this is small town America. I figured what I was seeing was an isolated case until seeing the article in this post about Democratic turnout. "43% of GOPers are 'very enthusiastic' about voting" is just how it looked in our precinct. This is a very happy turn.

Haven't I read that people tend to retain the party affiliation of their youth? Perhaps we should all give the president a big "thank you!" for waking up the electorate.

Perhaps all those people who switched to the Republic party were merely switching BACK after having followed Master Limbaugh's orders a while back to switch to vote for Hillary or some similar nasty nonsense??

Oh, yes. Most, I suspect, though only a few spoke about it. I was expecting them and not really expecting the other sort. My remembrance is that the nasty nonsense went the other way, though, with Republicans switching to vote for Obama so that the hated Hillary would not win. They thought McCain could handily beat Obama.

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