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South Korea Vows Revenge

Though the Koreas are prone to confrontational bouts and false-starts, the aftermath of the sinking of the "Cheonan" seems to have ignited a fire under the South which is steadily growing in intensity. South Korea's president has vowed "revenge." The navy chief of staff swore vengeance: "We will track them down to the end and we will, by all means, make them pay for this."

And evidence is mounting that North Korea is responsible, having planned the strike in retaliation for a skirmish last November which they are seen to have lost.

Many are apparently claiming "the time for war has come." An editorial in S. Korea's leading newspaper declares:

There is no doubt that South Korea would suffer huge losses if it clashes militarily with North Korea. But another thing is also clear: a military confrontation with South Korea would spell the end of the North Korean regime.

Keep in mind: These countries are still formally at war. North Korea is a nuclear power. And there e are nearly 30,000 U.S. service-members currently stationed in South Korea. If the Koreas near the brink of war, the only outside actor in a position to affect their conduct is Barack Obama.

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The name of the North Korean Pavilon at EXPO 2010 is "The Paradise for people". . .

Yeah, and Hezbollah's suiting up for another go, Obama seems (may it be "seems" only, please!) to have decided to let the Iranians get their bomb, we're fighting for the disgusting Karzai, and Iraq's politics walks the tightrope.

I have a bad feeling this is going to be the year of several intl crises at once. And a worse feeling that our government will handle them poorly.

How about bringing those 30,000 military personnel home to help secure the border?


Ironically, "securing the border" is exactly what they're doing!

Very bad idea, John, both in terms of Korea policy and border policy(what we there is a beefed up BP and a WALL, ALREADY) but it reminds me that I forgot to mention the ongoing erosion of order in Mexico in my list of terribles. Pray for this annoying president of ours and his advisers.

Oh great, just great. We have 30,000 American soldiers stationed on the DMZ who are dedicated to preserving the freedom of South Korea, and we have president Obama whose sympathies are with...oh, never mind.

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