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The Crisis in Korea

A multi-national investigation (including the U.S.) is soon to conclude that North Korea torpedoed a South Korean vessel. I maintain that this could be the impetus for a regional shift. The U.S. has promised to support the South's plea to the UN for sanctions, which China will oppose. "North Korea's collapse would create hundreds of thousands of refugees and probably lead to the emergence of a Western-leaning united Korea on China's border." 

As may have been the case during the demonstrations in Iran, we are again poised to severely hinder the viability of a nuclear-ambitious, terrorism-sponsoring rogue state. Is there any chance, this time, that Obama will seize the opportunity to oppose tyranny, terrorism and nuclear proliferation?

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[Is there any chance, this time, that Obama will seize the opportunity to oppose tyranny, terrorism and nuclear proliferation?]

Is this a 'trick' question?

My "Magic Eight Ball" tells me: {OUTLOOK NOT SO GOOD.}

My experience tells me: Obama will meekly mention sanctions on South Korea for provoking his buddy Kim or, worst case scenario, threaten to take away the milk and cookies for the entire peninsula and then apologize to China for the disgusting abuse of human rights by the "repuglicans" and fascist Arizona for depriving the Koreans of said milk and cookies.

If our "great" orator TOTUS (whose obsequious, obfuscating and obtuse approach to foreign policy is becoming the stuff of legends) really wants to punish the North Koreans, he would just make them hold the portion of our national debt that we'll incur under his "health care" bill.

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