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The Use and Abuse of the Term "Antigovernment"

From yesterday's New York Times we learned that an Ohio man who shot and killed two Arkansas state troopers "had antigovernment views."  The evidence for this?  He was upset over having been stopped by state police in New Mexico--they demanded to see his identification.

"I ran into a Nazi checkpoint in the middle of New Mexico where they were demanding papers or jail," he said. "That was the option. Either produce your papers or go to jail. So I entered into commerce with them under threat, duress and coercion, and spent 47 hours in there."

I wonder, then, whether those who have been outspoken in their criticism of the Arizona illegal alien law could be classified holding "antigovernment" views?  Is Luis Gutierrez an antigovernment activist?  Or is the media using "antigovernment" as a code word for "conservative"?

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He is antigovernment for not going along with a warantless checkpoint, thanks partriot act legislation for that one. He would have been a terrorist if this happended four years ago. Both sides have been against people too stubborn to embrace the modern despotic police state, its just too obvious if the left now starts those types terrorists so antigovernment is prefered term. I think the only government is the federal government when it comes to the mainstream media and their band of corporate funded hacks/pundits.

I think something is obviously wrong with the guy if he was harrased by the state police in New Mexico and he shot two innocent state troopers in Arkansas.

Also I don't see how the federal government is involved here, Congress has broad interstate commerce powers and broad power of the purse, but it still can't commandeer New Mexico state police or Arkansas state troopers.

Also I bet this two bit con artist has a subscription to Lexis Nexis, that is probably how he got the info on the arresting officer, and he probably uses the service to put out phony work product for his tax/debt nulification scheme.

The patriot act is not responsible since he was stopped under state law.

" I think the only government is the federal government when it comes to the mainstream media and their band of corporate funded hacks/pundits."

Brutus you are the only one who brings up the federal government when it is clear that here only state and municipal(traffic tickets) governments are involved.

Note to people stopped by state troopers, don't assume that they don't have the power to detain you, comply with demands. Don't drive without a liscense, insurance or a valid liscense plate. Even then doing so isn't the end of the world, it is a fine and they can't get blood from beets as demostated by the fact that they guy was able to drive out of New Mexico, across Texas and possibly Ok or La before ending up in Ark.

If the state police really are out of control you can always file a 1983 claim in federal court against them. I doubt this guy had any claim at all.

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