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I know I've had previous occasion to mention Malcom Muggeridge describing how he quit doing satire for Punch magazine because real life had gotten so absurd that you can't make up stuff (sort of like The Onion today) as wacky as what goes on.

Well, today comes this news about Rep. Mark Souder, a family values Republican, admitting to having an affair with an aide.  Now, a congressman, even a family-values conservative, having an affair with a staffer is hardly a man-bites-dog story--in fact, it's almost a job requirement.  (At least he likes girls, unlike that dude nabbed with the Rent Boy in Florida--Ed.)  But it turns out Souder has done a video touting abstinence--with the staffer posing as his interviewer!!

The Daily Show writers can safely take the afternoon off.  This sketch writes itself.

UPDATE: Souder's YouTube videos have been taken down.  Surprise surprise.  If YouTube weren't taking down the Hitler "Downfall" parodies, I'd do one entitled "Hitler Learns Mark Souder Was a Buffoon."
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