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What Would We Do Without the AP . . .

. . . to inform us that a "grizzly" is a bear?  (see para. 8)  Do they really think the rest of the country is as hermetically sealed in a bubble as their reporters seem to be?
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Yeah, it's good to know AP is on the job. I just learned that the Boston Tea Party was a "symbolic" protest. I had always thought it was pretty real, but what do I know?

But if the grizzly had not teeth, it would be a gummy bear!

Grizzly is also a type of chewing tobacco made by the American snuff company, if you chew it you might end up toothless. Technically chewing Grizzly is not symbolic of a desire to lose ones teeth. Of course it isn't necessarily a protest either. Actually it demonstrates financial accumen since it is manufactured in the same plant as the more expensive yet almost identical Kodiak(Kodiak is also a bear, hence folks in Memphis TN are creative!)

I also wondered about the claim that the boston tea party was symbolic. I suppose that while they dumped real tea it was symbolic in that the dumping of tea was supposed to send a message other than: this tea is no good. Rather it was a message that said: we don't like the stamp act. In this sense all protests properly excuted are symbolic. Folks who protest the IMF aren't really saying that they are congested and need pepper gas to clear sinuses. Rather they are saying paper money is fraud, the U.S. is satan, and the new world order is comming.

I think the poor AP writter got lost when Palin broke out the Grizzly references. So Palin is like a mama Grizzly, but a grizzly is a bear. I am lost, Why does someone who wants to run for president liken themselves to a Grizzly bear with cubs?

From the article we don't really know if the cubs are guns or if the cubs are children and Palin is pissed that the media has targeted her kids. Probably both, also perhaps Palin is saying that she was just a pit bull when defending McCain, but that she is much more than a mere pit bull when it comes to guns and kids.

One thing is for sure, you don't put listick on a grizzly, but you can put a grizzly in your lip.

I don't know, but it is also possible that between a pitbull(a dog not a bull, but a bull?) and a grizzly(a bear) Palin's references to animal spirits demonstrate a Keynesian understanding of the economy. So Palin's bears are going to stop Obama's bulls(both Chicago) which means the economy will cool and he will be swept out of office. (of course this is historically revisionary since John Bull is brittish, and the bear is russian, the bull is thus capitalist in the brittish tradition, while the bear is socialist or communist, bad times sparking "the revolution"). When the people awake from hibernation the revolution will be on!

There is also a Grizzly bear on California's flag(unfortunately extinct), the Grizzly is constrained to Alaska. But past excessive bullishness on the part of the happy cows in California, requires the bearish measures of Grizzly Palin(following a line of founders such as Jefferson, Grizzly Adams and Moccasin Joe.)

Sometimes you just have to read the tea leaves to get at the animal spirits.

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