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Where Is Paul Cantor When We Need Him?

Okay, so last night was the season finale of House for this year.  It ended rather ambiguously if you ask me: I say it was another hallucination, setting up a big opening and new story arc for next season.  But what the heck.  At the moment, I'm wondering if there is a super-double-secret esoteric message somewhere we've all missed.

Bear with me here.  So I'm reading the galleys to Peter Beinart's forthcoming book, The Icarus Syndrome, and I came across this opening sentence for an early chapter: "Woodrow Wilson had very few friends, and that bothered him."  But the supremely arrogant Wilson did have one friend and confidante--a guy named House.  Hmmm.  Sounds like the reverse of the TV show: the supremely arrogant Dr. House has one friend and confidante: Wilson.  

Coincidence, like Lincoln having a secretary named Kennedy, and Kennedy having a secretary named Lincoln?  I. Think. Not.  

(Steve--step awwaaaay from the scotch bottle, and start double-checking those mushrooms you're putting on your salad--Ed.  Shut up.  You're no fun.  This is the kind of slim reed Paul Cantor could turn into a book.)
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