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Democrats complain about their lack of party unity in Congress.  In particular, they are blaming Rahm Emannuel "Democrats have not stood behind the president in the way Republicans did for George W Bush, and that was meant to be Rahm's job."

It's always amusing to see people who believe their own spin.  Consider the major items of President Bush's domestic agenda, excepting tax cuts (an issue on which the GOP was unified).  No Child Left Behind passed the House with 198-6 among Democrats and 188-33 Republicans on board.  The Senate vote was similar.  (No surprise, given that Ted Kennedy's staff drafted the bill, if memory serves).  The vote on the prescription drug benefit was more partisan, but by no means was it a party line vote. (9 Democrats and 207 Republicans voted for it, and 195 Democrats and 19 Republicans voted against).

And let's not forget just how hard a time Bush had with his party on immigration reform, among other things.  In that case, Bush pushed something that divided his party, and the result was division.  Similarly, the TARP vote was fairly bipartisan (although it had more Democratic than Republican support in the House).

Why, despite having larger majorities than any Republican President has had since before World War II, are Democrats having a hard time getting their agenda through?  Perhaps it has something to do with the contents of the bills? 

(On the other hand, Democrats have passed several of their major priorities--a giant stimulus/ save unionized government jobs bill and an expansion of government's role in medical care, among other things.)


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Let's just hope the American people are smart enough to recognize lame excuses when they hear them. The only "up-side" of being completely out of power is that the other side exposes itself. That's what we are seeing here -- an American President so radical that even his own leftist party can't sign off on some of it. Pathetic.

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