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Congressman Ethridge of North Carolina shows why he deserves to be retired.  Did he start drinking early on this day, or is he simply just a part of the anatomy that Obama wants to kick?

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I dunno. For me, this is actually a close call: Beating up college students is a good general principle I've held to since the sixties.

Historically-speaking, Southern congressmen really should use canes when doing this sort of thing...

Someone was catching some grief over this somewhere, I guess. The link now says that the video has been removed.

Great comeback Mr Thomas. Those college students of the sixties that should have been beat senselessly are now running the flipping country. I believe California Governor Ronald Reagan really wanted to beat not only the college students, but the college professors at U.C. Berzkeley during the 1960's. Too the citizens of California did not let that happen at the time. This country would have been in better hands....

There are a lot of different reasons why the video might've been taken down. It's still a snap to find it on youtube, though:

And again, I don't think the right should hope to get much mileage out of Obama's wanting to kick someone's a** over the oil spill. But apparently you're going to try.

I think Jonah Goldberg put the a**-kicking comment in perspective best:

"...let me reassure both editors and readers
of family newspapers everywhere about my use of the word “ass.” Historian Steven Hayward reminds me that in 1979, Jimmy Carter responded to Ted Kennedy’s primary challenge by declaring he would “whip his ass.” It was one of those moments of presidential lameness that conjures the same bile of pity, schadenfreude, and heebie-jeebies one feels upon seeing a middle-aged balding dude with a long gray ponytail dancing at a rave."

Ethridge should be arrested, not just retired.

As for Jonah Goldberg, is he really an arbiter of cool for people who dance at raves?

Haha, he must be.

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