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  1. Scott Johnson of Power Line is an enthusiastic supporter of the Claremont Review of Books.  Today he devotes a post to reiterating his kind support for Never Enough, and to providing that book's author an opportunity to reflect on what the Gulf oil spill tells us about the argument between liberals and conservatives.
  2. My 15 minutes of fame worked out to be only seven-and-a-half minutes long.  You can view them here, an interview taped at last month's Book Expo America in New York. 
  3. If, understandably, you would prefer to listen to Never Enough's author discuss the book without having to watch him, you can catch Seth Leibsohn's interview on last week's Bill Bennett Show, or the one I did on June 12th with Steven Spierer on Talk Radio One.
  4. Perhaps you're old school, and like to listen to the radio on the radio, instead of the computer.  Tomorrow is your lucky day, then.  I'll be a guest on the Dennis Prager Show from 2 to 3 p.m., Eastern Time, 11 a.m. to noon, Pacific Time.
  5. I encourage NLT readers living in or near our nation's capital to attend a speech I'll deliver next Tuesday at the Heritage Foundation.  
  6. Also in Washington, Brother Hayward has kindly organized an American Enterprise Institute panel to consider the arguments in Never Enough and in The Struggle to Limit Government, by John Samples of the Cato Institute.  It will be held the morning of Thursday, June 24, and feature, in addition to the authors and Steve, Jonathan Rauch, Christopher DeMuth, Charles Murray, Fred Siegel and Jonah Goldberg.

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Powerlineblog is my starbucks in the a.m. Those guys are top-notched bloggers. While I was reading Scott's review of "Never Enough" an ad popped up for Jerry "Governor Moonbeam" Brown for Governor of California. The ad was paid for by the SEIU. I had to laugh. Yep - never enough for the SEIU leeches and their leader of a leech Jerry Brown.

I always praise William's stuff, but his comment on Powerline today is absolutely stellar.

It includes a link to a fine Walter Russel Mead on the faltering Progressive Faith (unknowingly making the case Chantal Delsol makes at greater length/depth in her books) as a bonus.

People in the world take the personal loans in different banks, because this is comfortable and fast.

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