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Multiculturalism and the Rule of Law

In Canada, Mark Steyn reports, the Dons of popular culture are starting to entertain "the question of whether Canadian judges should give those who commit 'honour' killings a break because they have different 'cultural practices' and may not be aware of our norms and laws."

The logic is inescapable.  Culture, law, and politics are not, ultimately, separable.  In America, we are so used to making a conventional separation between civil society and government that we sometimes forget that that very separation is built upon the ideas of 1776. 

P.S. I often wonder whether, if we take multiculturalism seriously, we'll find that some cultures value life more than others, whether some value honesty more than others. Etc.  Or does multiculturalism built on the premise that culture does not cut that deep?

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Will that multicultural excuse apply to Muslims in Canada who kill homosexuals?

Multiculturalism simply does not exist. Uniculturalism is what multiculturalism is. At its best and most powerfull uniculturalism is prudence and good business sense, it is simply the attempt to not alienate or give offense unecessarily. Politicians are natural multiculturalists, General McCrystal as a proffessional is expected to be a multiculturalist, to be PC. Business executives, or people who are generally proffessional are multicultural, or unicultural, of no higher culture than the business or proffesion they adhere to. In a sense the worship of mamon is multicultural or unicultural in that you don't seek to give offense to potential customers/friends. Unless you are targeting a niche audience. Or you are breaking the mold by being fox news.

No one can tell me what multiculturalism is, so I assume that discovering its meaning is a matter of tact and prudence, so much of good political advice is multicultural. The answer that does not offend, that comports with legal ethics, with journalistic ethics, except in those cases where it would be unwise. That which is the proffesional answer of one seeking not to give undue offense.

Uniculturalism is what I call multiculturalism because I believe it is its own culture. A culture that seeks to unify cultures for various ends, it is enshrined in the Civil Rights Act and has various neutrality tests as standards that courts have used to determine its application.

The largest threat to Uniculturalism is authenticity of belief, which stands as the biggest barrier to the existance of non-proffesional based culture, or a desire for freedom of speech or an autonomous expression of self.

Uniculturalism is indeed built on the basis that the other cultures aren't that deep or can be made subservient to the corporate or proffesional culture.

The motto of multiculturalism is: the customer is always right. Or the Civilian leadership is always right, or the boss is always right as the case may be in accords with the proffesion one is being proffesional in.

Multiculturalism is writting a paper that your proffesor wants to read. You have to value the grade, money or peer review or the external standard more than honesty or personal opinion or whatever else may have a claim to cut deeper.

The fact that politicians exist, that A students exist, that the typical general does not clash with civilian leadership is testimony to the power of uniculturalism.

What I hold is that Multiculturalism or Uniculturalism is the culture of business, and the culture of business or those who own the means of production is the dominant culture.

There is uniculturalism or the culture of topiary prudence and proffesionalism, and then there are all the other subservient cultures.

Note that uniculturalism is really the culture that applies to those who make enough money or have enough to lose that free speech is not desireable. It really is the culture of the topiarized bourgeoisie, the doctor, the lawyer, the culture of the white collar.

Fundamentally some aspect of multiculturalism is probably necessary for the functioning of a marriage. That is there is an ideal prudent professional culture between a husband and wife that begins with a good answer to the question: Does this dress make me look fat?

What is Multiculturalism?
What is the culture of those who have a proffesional goal?

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