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In honor of Senator Byrd's passing, it's worth considering a recent article, about studies which suggest that porkbarrel spending retards economic growth:

A trio of academics at the Harvard Business School, Lauren Cohen, Joshua Coval, and Christopher Malloys, based a recent research project on exactly that assumption. They looked at the impact of powerful politicians (heads of spending committees, etc) on local economies, fully expecting that impact to be positive. But the result of their efforts astonished the researchers, as it astonishes me.

The academics discovered, in effect, that federal spending causes local businesses to shrink. The more access a state has to the federal pump in Washington, DC, the more private companies wither on the vine.

Was his career a net plus for West Virginia?

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So what was an old, sick man doing in the Congress? That there was precedent is no excuse. The American national system of legislative governance is sick probably beyond any capacity for return to good let alone rude health. Who was the GOP character from Florida who spent more time in hospital than he did in the Senate. Ludicrous.

Perhaps it's time for a Prime Minister answerable pretty much daily on the floor of the House and ministers likewise. if not that, then longer terms of office. A permanent election cycle seems pretty silly. Little wonder so much is badly reported if at all. Not that it may matter much: debt will take centre stage, like it or not. And widespread poverty with it. You're left holding the bird.

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