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The Case of Linda McMahon

So Rich Lowry went after the likely Republican Senate candidate from Connecticut pretty hard today.  But I don't think that WWE programming is McMahon's most glaring weakness.  I think her biggest weakness is how her company has handled the health issues of her employees.  Some journalist should go through the back issues of the Wrestling Observer from the last ten years and then construct a tick tock of how WWE handled say, the death of Eddie Guerrrero and how WWE dealt with the steroid issue. 

There are things for a Republican partisan to like about McMahon.  She seems willing to spend enough money that Connecticut voters will have heard her message dozens of times before election day.  Based on her business past, she is both relentless and ruthless.  And who knows or cares about how WWE handled the immediate aftermath of some wrestler's death?  But the Rand Paul situation demonstrated how the media can, all at once, latch onto something that was already out in the open and transform the public's perception of a candidate.

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In Conneticut Blumenthal will probably win, but the WWE could at least put on skits that mock him. In any case pro-wrestling reminds me that Jesse Ventura former governor of minnesota was a former pro-wrestler. Jesse Ventura as it turns out was also in Vietnam and doesn't recall Blumenthal.

I am sure that steroids might be an issue, but I doubt the public outcry over the behavior of the WW athletes has much resonance. Jesse Ventura used steroids, Arnold used them. I think it is high time we legalized them anyways. If we did we could probably eliminate 3/4 of the harmful health effects that come from underground labs, strange dossages, impurities bad mexican pharmacy and abuse of vetinary products intended for providing marbeling in beef.

In terms of the tie in to Rand Paul, you are out of your mind, polls show Rand Paul leading comfortably in Kentucky, McMahon doesn't have a chance.

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