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Want to increase your country's average life expectancy?

Then support policies that promote growth in GDP.
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That's a cool chart, although the Left will typically note that with wealth comes the expansion of govt. benefits, and hence the increase in life expectancy. Indeed, I've heard some argue that wealth without redistribution accomplishes nothing in the way of public welfare.

Yet, even if that were true (and I think there is a little truth to it, although nowhere near as much as the Left wants to claim), the operative word here is wealth. Without the dynamo of capitalism "redistribution" is impossible. Once govt. has to replace the market (i.e., command economy), you get a vicious spiral of diminishing returns. Soon, it's simply mutually shared poverty (with the exception of the new political elite, which has "golden ruble" stores to shop in).

Alas, either the Left refuses to learn this fundamental lesson or, just as likely, they don't really give a rat's behind about "public welfare." What they really want is power and position, and the easy way for do-nothing know-it-all's to gain such power is to systematically destroy civil society and all other alternatives to political hegemony.

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